Guest Lecture @ Uppsala University

I was invited to give a guest lecture on the topic "Lean & Agile Software Development" for Software Engineering students yesterday. Students are a tough crowd, with interesting questions and they will let you know if you bore them or lose your plot during the lecture. I love getting the opportunity to speak to students, sharing some of the insights I've got from the industry, and I had a blast yesterday - thanks to everyone that was there!

Four years ago, not many had heard much about Lean and Agile. Now, the students are knowledgeable, pose interesting questions, and I even had an entrepreneur in the crowd yesterday, that was comparing different product development styles for his own company.

If you would like me to give a guest lecture at your course or department, please get in touch!


An inspiring talk on obsession

Wired.com has the story on MythBusters co-host Adam Savage, who gave a speech on obsession and motivation as a driving force

I love people like him. I wish I had his energy and dedication, but lacking some of it (possibly from coming from the northern parts of Sweden...) I get inspired by it instead. 

Watch the video on how he goes on a quest on recreating two famous birds for his living room - without even being a sculptor!

I would hire one or two people like Adam for my Creative Department. Wouldn't you?

Don't miss the sequence near the end where he shows the "wrapping paper" he ordered for it. The "I know" comment is priceless.