New Year's Retrospective

Will you be making New Year's resolutions tonight? I grew up viewing New Year's resolutions somewhat similar to making a wish when a star falls - you'd better keep the thought to yourself thus increasing the chances of it becoming reality.

In real life however, wishes rarely come true if one is not working towards them (otherwise it would be a good idea to be prepared every year when we pass the Perseids)  and my promises often ended up revolving around things like "I should do more of this and that". In all honesty, rarely did I manage to deliver on the promise, and my friends shook their heads in disbelief, saying that New Year's resolutions was a stupid idea, only serving to create unnecessary stress and guilt.

Still, I kept making resolutions. And breaking them. As I began to work with continuous learning in organizations, I realized that the trick is not about trying to do more  things but rather to do other things.