Coffee failure

One of the things I learned from reading up on biphasic sleep is that it's ok to miss a nap now and then. Compared to the (totally insane) schedule of polyphasic sleep where you constantly nap your way through the day, it seems reasonable. It's just ingrained in me from my youth that you're not supposed to nap. As a friend of mine commented, "mum always said that sleep during the day will make it difficult to sleep in the night". True, to some extent, but we're just shifting things around here.

So, on the third day I sort of missed my nap.


Biphasic sleep - first days

So, the first few days of my sleep cycle experiment has passed, and I thought to share a few experiences so far.


Early riser or late owl?

Being my own employer means that I have varying working hours. Most of the week I work with clients in Stockholm, which is approximately one hour away whether commuting or going by car. (1,5 hours during rush hour or when leaves on tracks prevent Swedish trains from running properly)

Some days I work from home, preparing assignments, trainings, or just working with any of the stuff that tends to fill my backlog when I'm not watching.

This means that I have early mornings, and mornings where I can choose. Naturally, I thought that having the luxury of being able to opt out of the alarm clock some mornings, I would be an idiot if I didn't. So it became one of my principles, to "wake up whenever I do" those mornings.

In the end, I started growing tired of it. The constant shift of wake-up time gives me an eerie kind of jet-lag and those mornings where I "sleep in" - typically to 8 in the morning - it seems to take twice the amount of caffeine to get me even close to normal capacity. But it's not fair - I should be more rested! And, of course, having slept in a bit, I was no longer as tired in the evening, meaning that I would inevitably go to bed a tad bit too late, meaning that if the next morning was an early one, it would be rough.