Office Cleaning Process

Process for cleaning your office

  1. Realize there is no free space to put down the paper you have in your hand without disrupting the order of other piles of articles, books, receipts and lifehack checklists in your office.
  2. Set aside some time to sort everything out.
  3. When time is due, go through all visible stuff that does not move quickly enough, and arrange it in three piles: 
    1. These may be useful later - stuff it into drawers and cupboards
    2. These are useful now - leave them in visible piles
    3. Oh I forgot about these! - GTD them!
  4. Next, it's time to sort your drawers and cupboards. Open them up and inspect the contents.
  5. Sit down with your face in your hands and go "Ay ay ay".
  6. Recursively apply entire process to every container in your office.
I usually insert another step, to keep my sanity:

5.5. Goto step 1.



Farewell to Sleeping Twice a Day - For Now

Some time ago, I wrote about my experiences in changing my sleeping pattern to consist of two sleeping periods per day - a brief, 60-90 minute sleep in the afternoon or evening, followed by a shorter than usual night's sleep.


New Year's Retrospective

Will you be making New Year's resolutions tonight? I grew up viewing New Year's resolutions somewhat similar to making a wish when a star falls - you'd better keep the thought to yourself thus increasing the chances of it becoming reality.


The new Pebble Time Steel - early impressions

Having missed the Kickstarter for the original Pebble (and subsequently kicking myself over it) I decided to embark when the pledge for the successor, the Pebble  Time was announced.


When the adventure becomes business

The world of Minecraft, and indeed, virtual entertainment, is changing. And it mirrors one of many difficult decisions leaders of small organizations need to face when deciding to grow.


Sleeping twice a day - 6 months!

OK, so I am pretty close to six months in with my new sleeping "regime", and I thought it was a good opportunity to give sort of a heads up on how things are progressing.

Yes, I still do it, and yes, it is problematic at times.


Microsoft, Mojang, and Minecraft

Wow. I never thought I would have to write something with a headline like that, but being an avid Minecraft player for quite a few years, yesterday's news regarding Microsoft's purchase of Mojang (and of course the future of Minecraft) made me sad.


Sleeping Twice - Three Weeks In

So, I just passed the three week mark of my experiment with sleeping twice during the day - a shorter night followed by a long nap in the evening.


Coffee failure

One of the things I learned from reading up on biphasic sleep is that it's ok to miss a nap now and then. Compared to the (totally insane) schedule of polyphasic sleep where you constantly nap your way through the day, it seems reasonable. It's just ingrained in me from my youth that you're not supposed to nap. As a friend of mine commented, "mum always said that sleep during the day will make it difficult to sleep in the night". True, to some extent, but we're just shifting things around here.

So, on the third day I sort of missed my nap.