Farewell to Sleeping Twice a Day - For Now

Some time ago, I wrote about my experiences in changing my sleeping pattern to consist of two sleeping periods per day - a brief, 60-90 minute sleep in the afternoon or evening, followed by a shorter than usual night's sleep.

I found then that after a period of adjusting to the new schedule, during which I was haunted by strange dreams and a sense of jetlag, I felt much more well rested, and could retain my focus much longer - in particular, I found it much easier to wake up early, and the evenings were a buzz of productivity.

Fast forward a couple of years, and I have finally given up on the notion of sleeping twice a day, and I have returned to the "normal" pattern of sleeping a full night, being drowsy in the mornings and afternoon.

But if it worked so well for me, why did I give it up?


New Year's Retrospective

Will you be making New Year's resolutions tonight? I grew up viewing New Year's resolutions somewhat similar to making a wish when a star falls - you'd better keep the thought to yourself thus increasing the chances of it becoming reality.

In real life however, wishes rarely come true if one is not working towards them (otherwise it would be a good idea to be prepared every year when we pass the Perseids)  and my promises often ended up revolving around things like "I should do more of this and that". In all honesty, rarely did I manage to deliver on the promise, and my friends shook their heads in disbelief, saying that New Year's resolutions was a stupid idea, only serving to create unnecessary stress and guilt.

Still, I kept making resolutions. And breaking them. As I began to work with continuous learning in organizations, I realized that the trick is not about trying to do more  things but rather to do other things.


The new Pebble Time Steel - early impressions

Having missed the Kickstarter for the original Pebble (and subsequently kicking myself over it) I decided to embark when the pledge for the successor, the Pebble  Time was announced.

Now, by this time I had owned not only the original black Pebble, but subsequently upgraded to the Pebble Steel. To me, the original Pebble was a cost-effective way to try out the entire smartwatch thing, and once I found that I really enjoyed not only the concept, but also the way it was implemented by Pebble, I decided to take the plunge to the Steel. These are my first impressions.


When the adventure becomes business

The world of Minecraft, and indeed, virtual entertainment, is changing. And it mirrors one of many difficult decisions leaders of small organizations need to face when deciding to grow.


Sleeping twice a day - 6 months!

OK, so I am pretty close to six months in with my new sleeping "regime", and I thought it was a good opportunity to give sort of a heads up on how things are progressing.

Yes, I still do it, and yes, it is problematic at times.