Absence.. and return!

Well, the last year has been busy, to say the least. With most of my time invested in starting up a business, giving our clients the proper focus, and also rebooting some of my other personal interests, there's been precious little time to blog about what I'm doing.

That is about to change, though, as I think it is important to share insights (as well as pitfalls) in this field. Also, as I have noted recently, others may market your achievements as their own, unless you write about them, so there is a marketing side to it as well.

I have started by revamping the site a bit, removing some of the garish coloring and swapped in more readable fonts. I am still unsure on whether to remain on the platform (which is the convenient route) or run my own WP implementation, but I will leave that decision for later. The backlog is in proper order. 

We have been doing a lot of work in the field of Lean product development together with Scrum, which I'm eager to share with you. Every year I work in this field, I am reminded on the importance of understanding how the system (as in "the organization") has such a big impact on how people tend to act in various situations, and how optimizing the whole is often a volatile process (compared to sub-optimizing which is promoted by many current management systems, including to some extent Scrum) that needs a good leadership to keep in place.

In order to become more structured, this blog will also be kept mainly in English for future entries and articles, while Swedish thoughts and ideas will be promoted on the news pages of Levla AB.

Thank you, for your patience.