A domain expert shares his views on requirements

Ableton is a German company that has created one of the first virtual studios that blur the distinction between a music instrument and a recording studio, Ableton Live.

It's a software product that challenges the notion of "traditional" music recording, and as an avid user, I can vouch for the inspiration that comes from being able to create a performance out of a recording, and vice versa, without boundaries.

In this article, Robert Henke, musician and one of the founders of Ableton gives a small glimpse of his view on requirements specification as a domain expert, together with the software developers, and how it should capture both innovation and customer needs. And yes, most of it is readable even if you're not a music geek, like me :-)

"Specification is a huge area, ranging from tiny little but important details to big general questions. Specification is the most exciting, most annoying, most rewarding and most frustrating job in the software world."